FART Show & Silent Auction




Open to Everyone!

Artists of all ages and stages are welcome.

All mediums are allowed!

Entry &Artwork Delivery:

Monday Sept. 30th, 2019 

3-5:30pm at The FART Café.

*$10 Surcharge if delivery desired

outside of the Scheduled time and date

Exhibition, Voting & 

Silent Auction Bidding:

Begins Friday October 4th, 2019

End of show &

Auction Wrap-Up:

Sunday November 3rd


The FART Café’s own patrons!


1st place: The Winner will have the use of 

The FART Café’s main wall to display a 

selection of their art from November 12th 

thru December 16th, 2019

2nd place: Breakfast for 2 at The FART Café 

3rd place: 3 adult colouring books

created by The FART’s own resident artist, 

Alison Galvan

The FART Café’s Award: It’s a surprise!


Art Show & Silent Auction Guidelines


· Open to Everyone.

· Original artwork only. Entries must not be copies, derivatives, or based in any way on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs or other artistic work.

· The entry fee is $25 per piece (non-refundable). Each artist may submit as many pieces as they wish.

· All artwork MUST be wired & ready for immediate hanging.

· Artwork must be 12”H x 12” W including frame.

· Artwork must be family friendly & The FART Café reserves the right to refuse any artwork deemed unsuitable.

· Only artwork by artists who have paid their fees on the entry date will be accepted.

· Artists are responsible for providing their own insurance during transit & exhibition.

· All artwork must be available for sale in the Silent Auction

· All first bids for the silent auction start at $25.

· Auction winners must pay artists directly either by cash, cheque or e-transfer. The FART Café does NOT take any commission on the silent auction sales.

· Patrons of The FART Café may vote for their favourite piece(s) multiple times as long as they do so while enjoying a meal at The FART Café. 


1. Artwork MUST BE 12 x 12 EXACTLY, including frame if you have one. Please be advised, your artwork will be refused entry if the incorrect size.

2. Artwork MUST be wired and ready to hang. There will be a $10 surcharge for those pieces that are not wired.

3. $25 entry fee per piece

4. Original artwork only

Build a Brand Mobile - A Corporate Team Event


Get your team thinking way outside the box!

  • Day 1 -  1 1/2 - 2 hour session at The FART Cafe that includes breakfast or lunch  - Spend quality time with your team brainstorming words that represent your brand, deciding their significance and more important, discovering, is your team all on the same page?
  • Day 2 - 2-3 hour session at The FART Cafe that includes breakfast or lunch - Engage in a group lesson learning how to sculpt the brainstormed words on wood.
  • Day 3 - 2-3 hour session at The FART Cafe that includes breakfast or lunch - Exercise and stimulate creativity working side by side painting each sculpted word.
  • Day 4 - 2-3 hour session at The FART Cafe that includes breakfast or lunch - Unite as a team to tie the words toghether constructing your brand mobile. 
  • Day 5 - 1 hour at your location - Hang your Brand Mobile in your lunchroom or inner sanctum as a visual reminder to your team of what the business represents. 
  • Or, alternatively, hang your brand mobile in your lobby or reception area as clear shout out to your clientele of your priorities and all that you work hard to deliver. 

All creative materials, instruction and delicious meals are supplied by The FART Cafe. Sessions can be scheduled once a week, for a month long project, twice a week to cut the time in half, or we can go full on and make it a one week intensive - we are happy to fit the program to your needs! Pricing determined on the size of the team. Please contact us for more details.

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