All Day Breakfast at
The Food and Art Café

About Us

We are the Dreamers

  Dreamers and Free Spirits need to live their truth and to follow their dreams no matter what. They cannot settle, give in or give up.  We know this because we are dreamers and free spirits too!

Lessons Learned

  Over 20 years ago when we were first married in the Philippines, one of our many goals was to have our own restaurant. We make a great team. We were and are the yin to each other’s yang. But our first dream, and number one priority at that time was to have a family. So, Noel worked at multiple restaurants getting a hands-on education, paying bills and squirrelling away money while I stayed home really giving my all at being a mum, homeschooling the kids and at the same time exploring and developing my budding art career. We were both in preparation mode, laying the foundations for what we dreamed and envisioned for our family’s future. Today, that future is now. With lessons learned and our kids having grown into amazing creative adults the timing is perfect.   

Delicious Inspiration

 All pieces of the puzzle have been put into play. Finally, we are taking the plunge at making our restaurant dreams come true. Yes, It’s time to open the doors of the The Food and Art café, or as we affectionately call it, The FART Café.  At the FART Café we want to holistically feed you body, mind and spirit. We want to nourish, encourage and support dreamers and free spirits just like us to pick up and dust off their wonderfully mad ideas, and to send them out to conquer the world full to bursting with delicious inspiration.  We are passionate about sharing in the celebration and crazy joy of making big dreams come true. 

Yes! Live the dream at The FART Café, 

it’s your happy place.       

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The Food and Art Café

105 Dundas St West Whitby, Ontario L1N 2M1

(905) 666-FART (3278)


We only take reservations weekdays for groups of 6 or more. 


Sunday December 23rd 7:30am-2pm

Monday December 24th CLOSED

Tuesday December 25th CLOSED

Wednesday December 26th 9am-3pm

Monday December 31st 9am-2pm

Tuesday January 1st CLOSED